In the Slipstream. Part 1.

God often reveals His nature to us through creation and science. In this blog (part 1 of 2) we explore the similarities between a cycling technique and the life of peace and rest God promises His children.

I AM [Selah]

When hardship surrounds us it’s natural to have questions about God and His part in all of this. In this blog from a Salt & Grace contributor, we’re encouraged to first look at WHO GOD IS.

The Original

Love’s point of origin is God and this love lives in us!
What if, instead of trying to love people out of the love that we can manufacture ourselves, we try loving people out of the original source of love that lives in us?

Encourage Yourself!

When David was afraid, hunted, hated and his back was up against the wall the bible says that he “encouraged himself in the Lord his God.”
And God has given you everything you need to do this too! In this blog we explore what this looks like in action today.